About The Music You Hear

About the Music You Hear

We are profoundly grateful to the talented artists and musicians who share their considerable talents with us and Mary’s Touch. We are profoundly grateful to the talented artists and musicians who share their considerable talents with us and Mary’s Touch.


Hail Mary Prayer

David Burke

David Burke is a gifted composer. His sacred music is regularly performed in in Catholic and Christian churches, and his music is used in podcasts by the Archdiocese of Atlanta. David’s song, The Hail Mary Prayer is featured on the Mary’s Touch website and is exquisitely performed by David’s children, Kelly and John Burke.

For more information about David Burke and his beautiful music, visit here.


I Wish I Knew and David Butler

Burr Wedding

Music for the common folk! Listen here. 

For more information about David Butler and his music, contact him!


Jim Goodin

Celtic Overs

Jim Goodin is a talented musician, established visual artist, and prolific writer who, by his own admission, is “fascinated and drawn to anything with strings.

Jim recently participated in the online Virtual Vision & Sound festival, an event that featured live, seamless, back-to-back webcam performances by 14 musicians located across the planet.

For more information about Jim, his music, and his art, visit the following links:

The Acoustic World Guitar of Jim Goodin

MySpace (solo)

Jim Goodin uses GHS Strings and Seagull Guitars,

Jim Goodin is published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc.


Jacobur Derwort


Bamboo Music on handmade bamboo flutes.



Dan and Deryn Cullen began making music together in 2006 and married in 2007. Dan plays guitar and bass and wears the producer hat; Deryn plays cello and keys. Together, they co-write the music. Their debut album, Reflections on Time, was released in 2008.

EntropiK’s Reflections on Time and their new EP, Cellotronics are available for download on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Emusic and Napster.

For more information about Entropik and Dan and Deryn Cullen, click here. 


William Gokelman

Steal Away

“Inspired instrumentals”

Provided by Good For The Soul Music™ www.goodforthesoulmusic.com

This fabulous collection of piano instrumental music by pianist, arranger, and composer William Gokelman ranges from the breathtaking orchestral arrangement of “Risen” an Easter celebration to the quiet, heart-rending “Going Home.” Many more favorites like “Steal Away”—a beautiful rendition of a classic African American spiritual—will awaken your spirit and soothe your soul.”

About Good For The Soul Music

In 1987, David Kauffman and his wife, Missy, began a journey of writing, recording, and presenting music that is Good For The Soul. They have a passion to connect the Sacred to the Ordinary and give voice to the feelings of the heart.

Good For The Soul Music offers a broad selection of Octavos, sheet music, and music books in addition to inspirational CDs, journals, and gift sets.

Digital downloads of Steal Away are available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Emusic and Napster.

CDs, Octavos, sheet music, music books, and gift sets are available here.


Mary Oberle Hubley

Gate of Heaven

“To the Immaculata”

(To honor St. Maximilian Kolbe)

Mary Oberle Hubley is a Church musician and composer who has written more than 40 post-Conciliar, authentically Catholic hymns.

Her music is available from Nicholas + Maria Publishers.

Her beautiful, “To the Immaculata” is featured on the Mary’s Touch website.

To find out more about Mary and her music, click here.



Guitar Music

Meditative music from a gifted Italian guitarist.



“Woo Who”

Kawaski “KCentric” Nelson carves out a unique musical niche that fuses modern jazz, hip-hop, downbeat, and electronic instrumental styles of music.

As a native of Montgomery, Alabama he was raised on a healthy dose of blues, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, soul, and gospel music.

The same musical influences can still be heard in the music that he remixes and composes for himself and others.

Since his earliest days, he has frequently sought alternatives to the musical mainstream. He continues to push his artistic boundaries through music and various other creative mediums including song writing, media scoring, digital art, internet, television, video, and indie film projects.

KCentric has been featured on Sirius Radio, various internet radio shows, and numerous podcasts around the world. He currently serves as a digital content creator and electronic remixer/composer.

For more information about KCentric and his music, visit www.kcentricity.com.


Matthew Mayer

Full of Grace

Matt Mayer is a prolific composer and gifted pianist whose music you hear on many of the Mary’s Touch programs. In 2007, he recorded Full of Grace. Matt donates a percentage of the sales of this beautiful CD to Mary’s Touch.

Matt is a dynamic performer. His musical credits include work for Access Hollywood and performances in Washington DC at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. One of Matt’s songs, “No Regrets” (from the album, Beyond) is featured on the soundtrack for the recently released motion picture, Earthwork.

For more information about Matt, visit his website at www.matthewmayer.com

To order Matt’s music, visit http://matthewmayer.bigcartel.com/


The Reunion


Todd R. Janko: Everything (Coordinator, PR)

John Halpin: Acoustic Guitar

The Reunion is one of today’s premiere instrumental acoustic bands.

Formed in 1991 by Todd R. Janko and Thomas Cacho, The Reunion was originally a blues band , but one day, things changed, and in 1996, The Reunion produced their first self-titled instrumental release: The Reunion. The songs from that release were built on two guitars and sprinkled with Spanish influences.

Playing in coffee shops and getting decent reviews, The Reunion made a name for itself. In 1994, they released The Reunion II. As their popularity grew, Cacho decided to pursue other endeavours, and John Halpin, one of Todd’s best friends, stepped in to put the finishing touches on the third release, Closure. In 2002, Closure reached number 24 on the American New Age Voice Charts.

The Reunion’s latest work, Consequences, is inspired by musical, spiritual, and emotional experiences from a recent three-year period. They strive to create music that people want and enjoy, “music that isn’t water downed, filled with sugar, or just plain fake.”


Mani Sierra


“A rare collection of unique instrumental passages that will surely soothe your mind and spirit.”
~ Lori

“Mani Sierra’s obscure, esoteric and beautiful melodies are fresh and a new change to the
guitar scene.”
~ Phoebe J.

Savant is available at amazon.com..


Curt Siffert

An Elusive Sweetness

“…music is the space between the notes…”

Curt Siffert is a classically trained pianist and prolific composer who has been performing since age ten. While still in high school, he began “dabbling” in composition and jazz.

Curt maintains a very informative website and blog with links to his beautiful music.

For more information about Curt, his music, videos, and his performance schedule and CDs, visit http://curtsiffert.com.


St. Clement’s Choir

Kyrie Eleison, Mass for 8 Voices
Hans Leo Hassler

The St. Clement’s Choir is an internationally-acclaimed ensemble of eighteen professional singers who perform under the direction of Choirmaster and Organist Richard Conte.

The St. Clement’s Choir performs an extensive repertoire of music in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, offering a full setting of the ordinary of the Mass, including the Credo, several motets, and the Propers for the Mass, sung in Latin to their original Gregorian tones.

The Saint Clement’s Choir has recorded several compact discs on the DORIAN label, all of which have received international praise.

For more information about the talented music staff and choir at St. Clement’s and to purchase their music, visit www.s-clements.org.

St. Clement’s Parish recently celebrated their sesquicentennial. For more information about St. Clement’s Parish and their beautiful church, visit www.s-clements.org.


Tommy Willis

Amazing Grace

About Tommy Willis in his own words…

“Bunch of old demos I had from my years in the music bid’ness. My kids “discovered” me finally, and demanded I share my songs with the rest of the planet. I am not a singer – I consider myself a writer and guitar playing producer. I have had success with all 3. Started recording with Gary S. Paxton in Bakersfield in high school (1968), learned a lot of tricks on his old one inch 8 track. Played guitar with Andraé Crouch right out of high school, the Tonight Show – Carnegie Hall etc. Moved to Tennessee and made a living as a writer/producer for 12 years. Produced a double album on Porter Wagoner for indie label. Made the choice between career and family in 1988 – chose family – moved ‘home’ to Colorado. Just ended a battle with throat cancer. Now I’m waiting for the Lord to show me what He has for me next.”

Tommy, we hold you and your family in our prayers.

For information about Tommy and his music, visit:: http://tommywillis.bandcamp.com/