Board of Directors & Advisors

Board of Directors/Advisors

Our Board of Directors and Advisors are a group of passionate and talented team of professionals that enables and guides Mary’s Touch to fulfill its mission.

·         Susana J. Garza, Interim President / Executive Director

·         Linda Delmas, Secretary

·         Laurie Finch, Board Member / Prayer Committee

           Alfredo Nevarez, Board Member

      Sgt. Carlos Meda, Board Member / Frontline Faith

·         David Rosa, Board Member

·         Capt. Guy Gruters, Board Member

·         Gloria Saucedo, Advisor / Volunteer Committee

·         Dr. Gerald Abreo, Advisor

·         Pat Ryan, Advisor

·         Pat Thompson, Advisor

·         Mark Davis, Board Member / Legal Counsel

·         Father Kevin Rai, Spiritual Director for Mary’s Touch