Prayer Of Consecration To Mary

Prayer of Consecration to Mary

Prayer of Consecration to Mary

On December 8, 2008, we formally dedicated Mary’s Touch to our Blessed Mother on the feast of her Immaculate Conception. Please join with us in consecrating ourselves and our work to Jesus through His Precious Mother’s Immaculate Heart.


Dearest Mother Mary,

Before Christ, our Living Bread, our eternal Priest, our True Way, we consecrate ourselves to your most Immaculate Heart. You are our “light, our sweetness, and our hope.” We stand in your most tender embrace at the foot of your Beloved Son’s Cross, and our hearts break seeing our sweet Savior there—knowing especially that it was our weakness and sin that require this unspeakable sacrifice.

But you are there, Mother! You draw us into your embrace, covering us with your mantle, and we are filled with your sweetness and your love. You whisper your words of comfort and solace into our deepest hearts, for you are the Mother of Mercy, loving, constant, courageous, faithful, as Mercy Himself hangs upon the Cross.

Please draw us deeply into your beautiful Immaculate Heart. We know that as we stand in your heart, which is inextricably woven into the Sacred Heart of your Son, Jesus, we also stand in His Heart, and so in the Heart of the Holy Trinity, for you are the Queen of heaven, perfect daughter of the Father, perfect and most Holy Mother of the Son, and Beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit. In your heart, we are home.

And so, Sweet Mother, we consecrate ourselves and Mary’s Touch to your most Immaculate Heart. We give you every story, every show, every heart who speaks of your loving intercession; every heart who, hearing of your gracious love, is moved to offer themselves into your hands, into your arms. We give you all that we have, all that we love, all that we are. We give you our laying down and our rising up, our prayers, our work, our suffering, our joy, our darkness, our questioning, our speaking, our silence.

We ask you, dearest Mother, to purify us, make us whole, give us hearts that are “like unto thine,”—hearts full of love, fidelity, courage, single-minded devotion, joy, thanksgiving, and complete supplication and abandonment.

Hide us under your mantle, and press us to your heart that we may say to our Dearest Lord Jesus each day of our lives your word of obedience and love:

“Fiat. I am the servant of the Lord.
Let it be done to me according to Thy Word.”

Mother, please accept the humble gift we make to you of ourselves and of Mary’s Touch. Please bring us ever more deeply into your Son’s Sacred Heart, so that transformed in the furnace of His love, we might become worthy of His sacrifice. Let our lives, the lives illumined in every story, the lives touched by your gracious intercession all become a living prayer of thanksgiving and adoration—a living witness of joyful, faithful, courageous love. Let the prayer of our lives become a sweet song that pierces the deafness of this world until we may join in your unending hymn of praise and live with you in the eternal joy of Heaven, the Heart of the Holy Trinity, and our true and only home.

We love you, Mother, and we willingly and joyfully bind ourselves to your Immaculate Heart for eternity.