About Us

"Our foundation is based on the love of Mary."

Mary’s Touch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Catholic organization located in Austin, Texas.

Our work includes production of Mary’s Touch, an award-winning, inspirational radio program designed to bring a greater understanding of Mary, to remind us of Our Blessed Mother’s loving presence in our lives, and help us recognize the healing grace she still brings to this world. Mary’s Touch has received an Ecclesiastical Approbation from the Catholic Church.

The Frontline Faith Project is an extension of our work.

The Mary’s Touch Radio Program is broadcast weekly from more than 100 radio stations across the country. + In 2007, Mary’s Touch was granted an ecclesiastical approbation, which is a blessing and statement of support, by Bishop Gregory M. Aymond, Diocese of Austin. + In 2008, 2016 and 2017, Mary’s Touch was awarded a Gabriel Award for excellence by the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals. We provide Mary’s Touch programming at no cost to the radio stations that broadcast the shows. We are entirely listener supported. Please CLICK HERE right now and send the largest contribution you can to Mary’s Touch so that we can continue providing you with Mary’s Touch programming.

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