Mission, Vision, & Events


An inspiration and prayer ministry committed to the teaching and values of the Catholic Church; established with the goal of advancing knowledge of, and comfort from the intercessions of our Blessed Mother.


Bringing about a relationship with God, giving hope and healing, through the love of Mary’s touch.

Ministry Activities, Approaches, and Audiences

  • Mary’s Touch inspirational radio program is designed to bring a greater understanding of Mary; to remind us of our Blessed Mother’s loving presence in our lives, and to help us recognize the healing grace she still brings to this world today. The program content can warm the heart of the joyful and provide comfort to those needing perspective and emotional support. The radio program is offered free of charge to Catholic radio stations.
  • Frontline Faith Project is a ministry designed to provide religious support to military personnel and their families. The first Frontline Faith Project provides religious content on MP3 players to oversees military personnel. The project has been expanded to provide religious support to returning veterans and their families; helping them to reach out to their faith in this time of transition home.
  • Mary’s Touch Prayer is available through volunteers and delivered by our website and social media platforms. Each prayer request is taken carefully to the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration at Emmaus Catholic Church, where every prayer is lovingly delivered for her intercessions seven days a week, every hour of the day.
  • Mary’s Touch Education is available on our website and social media platforms. The education and support materials on prayer, the intercessions of Mary and the Saints, and spiritual growth. There are books and products and other materials to support one’s spiritual journey in life, ether in times of need or in times to spread and celebrate the joys of life.
  • Mary’s Touch Third-Party Agreement are events held by individuals or organizations to benefit Mary’s Touch which are not under Mary’s Touch immediate control are known as external events. If another company or organization wishes to fundraise on our behalf, prior approval must be obtained by the Board. Mary’s Touch responsibility for these event(s) is limited to serving as a liaison, providing information and offering advice to event organizers. Mary’s Touch assumes no responsibility for the unauthorized use of its name, nor for the actions of the event organizers who solicit funds on behalf of Mary’s Touch without prior consent. A 10% retaining fee will be collected after fundraising event.