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We are Catholic.We produce Mary’s Touch, an award-winning, thirty-minute Catholic radio program that is broadcast weekly from stations across the United States and around the world.

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Through our outreach ministry, the Frontline Faith Project, we provide pocket-friendly MP3 players, preloaded with more than seven hours of Christian audio. These players are distributed free of charge to our Armed Forces.

Mary’s Touch is an award-winning inspirational 30-minute radio program designed to bring you a greater understanding of Jesus’s Mother, Mary. Listen now.

“For ten years, Mary’s Touch Radio Show has featured countless stories of Catholic Marian devotion, and that foundation has paved the way for a new generation to be introduced to the teaching, devotion and reality of Mary’s presence in today’s world,” said Susana Garza, executive director of Mary’s Touch. “We are so grateful to our founder Cheri Lomonte for the apostolate she has built over the past decade and we are excited about the start of our second decade with Alexis leading our radio evangelization.” –Susana Garza, Executive Director

Alexis Walkenstein

Mary's Touch Host

Alexis is the new host of the Mary’s Touch Radio Program. She will lead the new evangelization of the award-winning, inspirational radio program designed to bring a greater understanding of Mary, to remind everyone of the Blessed Mothers loving presence in the lives of humanity, and to help people everywhere recognize the healing grace she still brings to this world.

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