Cheri Lomonte

Cheri Lomonte

  • Cheri Lomonte
  • Director

Cheri Lomonte is the Director of Mary’s Touch and the FRONTLINE FAITH Project and host of our Mary’s Touch radio program.

In 2006, Cheri incorporated Mary’s Touch, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Austin, Texas. At that time, she also began production of the radio show.

Mary’s Touch was honored in 2008 with a Gabriel Award for outstanding Catholic radio programming, North America, from the Catholic Academy of Communication Arts Professionals.

In May 2011, the radio program began it’s fifth year of production. It is now heard weekly on nearly 100 radio stations across the country and online via streaming audio.

In 2009, after learning that U.S. Troops can sometimes go for weeks and even months without benefit of the Mass or spiritual support from a chaplain, Cheri initiated the FRONTLINE FAITH Project.