Co-Hosts Cheri and Fr. Jim share Sherry Davis’ story and reflection (E.10.07)

Posted Monday May 09, 2016 by Mary's Touch

This week we bring back the best of the best with Sherry Davis on the Mary’s Touch Program:
  • Co-Hosts Cheri and Fr. Jim will share Sherry’s story and reflection.
  • In Sherry Davis’ last four separate interviews she shared her journey and her cross with us.  She was not raised with any faith, raised to fear God, knew nothing about the bible and certainly nothing about Mary.
  • Her story started when she was pregnant with her last child, lost her voice for two years and diagnosed with cancer which became a turning point in her life. In her two year’s of struggle she began to hear Mary and how she spoke to her heart, she began to read many books on theology, about Mary and the church. She finally understood the doctrine of the church, she believed in the scripture, the love of God and at the age of 37 she was baptized and felt so loved by Mother Mary and Jesus.
  • Texas State Secretary of the Knights of Columbus Douglas Oldmixon – “Faith & Freedom Minute”.  This minute is an important reminder about the importance of the goodness of the Knights of Columbus.
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