Know The Truth About Your Pregnancy Options (E.9.97)

Posted Tuesday January 19, 2016 by Mary's Touch Radio

  • Heather Gardner is the Executive Director of Central Texas Coalition for Life. Their mission is to prayerfully and peacefully end abortion in Central Texas.
  • She talks to us about how she helps women and their families to know the truth about their pregnancy options and educate them on the Pro-Life Movement.
  • Over the last six years, Heather has trained over 1,500 volunteers (locally, nationally and internationally) to be Sidewalk Counselors, including in the states of Texas, Kansas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New Mexico, California and for cities in Romania and New Zealand. She has also trained several hundred volunteers to be pregnancy resource center counselors. Heather spends regular time on the sidewalks outside abortion facilities reaching out to women and men, and praying for an end to abortion.
  • Stand and Pray: The prayer vigils are an opportunity for volunteers to sign up for one hour (or more) a week to stand and silently pray in the public right-of-way in front of a local abortion facility.
  • 40 Days for Life Spring 2016 is held on February 10th-March 20th. The 40 day prayer vigil is made of hundreds of Christians from across Central Texas praying for an hour a week (7am-7pm seven days a week). Join the campaign with hundreds of cities across the world to help end abortion, peacefully and prayerfully. Contact

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