Colleen Mitchell talks to us about her missionary work (E.10.04)

Posted Monday May 09, 2016 by Mary's Touch

This week we have a very special story on the Mary’s Touch Program:
  • Colleen Mitchell along with her husband Greg are founders of St. Bryce Missions in Costa Rica.  They live their with their five sons.
  • She talks to us about how the missionary work began when Greg traveled to Costa Rica on business in early 2010 and discovered the Tayutic region and the Cabecar people, the Mitchell’s felt that God was showing them the first community that St. Bryce Missions was to serve. With the permission and support of Bishop Michael Jarrel of Lafayette, Louisiana as well as Bishop Jose Francisco Ulloas Rojas of Cartago, Costa Rica they became the ground team in the area in January of 2011 and have been carrying out full time the work of Christ-centered community transformation there ever since.
  • St. Bryce Missions –
  • Texas State Secretary of the Knights of Columbus Douglas Oldmixon – “Faith & Freedom Minute”.  This minute is an important reminder and a call to action for us all.
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