Interview with Greg Mitchell regarding his story and St. Bryce Missions (E.10.00)

Posted Sunday May 08, 2016 by Mary's Touch

This week we have a very special story on the Mary’s Touch Program:
  • This week we talk with Greg Mitchell regarding his story and how it lead to St. Bryce Missions in Costa Rica (Colleen Mitchell’s husband, she was on our show last week) .
  • He shares in detail how he began his divine journey and how he has taken the mission to another spiritual and humanitarian level by saving lives.
  • He also shares St. Bryce Mission invitation to Rome in 2015 to meet with the Prefect of the Curia Office of the Evangelization of the People’s – Cardinal Filoni. Cardinal Filoni is not only over this office but over all the world’s mission territories as well.  Cardinal Filoni is very pleased that the mission is helping to save infants lives and evangelizing an unevangelized peoples. He also  see’s the connection between the Mitchell’s losing their son but gaining many more sons and daughters for the Kingdom of God and saving lives of the infants as well.
  • St. Bryce Missions –
  • Texas State Secretary of the Knights of Columbus Douglas Oldmixon – “Faith & Freedom Minute”.  This minute is an important reminder about our role and responsibilities in public life.
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