Nonprofit Teaches The Children That God Is Loving, Merciful And Kind (E.9.73)

Posted Tuesday August 18, 2015 by Mary's Touch Radio

  • Carol gives us an update of the nonprofit she was running in Pudicherry, India for HIV positive children who are also AIDS orphans. The nonprofit is called the Jeeva Nivas – House of Life. Carol was the director from 2006-2013.
  • The children in the home were raised in the Catholic faith/community because it was the only stabled thing in their life. Due in part because these children lost their parents, grandparents, abusive relatives, and going from home to home. The nonprofit teaches the children that God is loving, merciful and kind, and that they did not receive the disease out of some kind of punishment or hatred.
  • For more information about Jeeva Nivas – House of Life please visit¬†

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