Rid Yourself of Fear and Move Forward to Expect the Best in Your Life (E.9.54)

Posted Tuesday February 24, 2015 by Mary's Touch Radio

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  • Art Costello is an author of a ground breaking new book “Expectation Therapy”.  His book will help you rid yourself of fear and move forward to expect the best in your life. Manifest your expectations and achieve the greatness you have hiding inside you. He shares his insight into the book and his personal life expectations.
  • Art developed “Expectation Therapy” through his vast life experiences. A lifelong visionary, his journey toward faith began as a young boy, at a time when he needed it most. That faith carried him through the Vietnam War, where he served as a teenager. The strength and loyalty that were instilled in him in the Marine Corp have remained with him to this day, guiding his decisions. Art’s innovative system can literally turn your positive, faith-based expectations into self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • More about his book – http://expectationtherapy.com/

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