Vinny Flynn talks to us about his book, “7 Secrets of Divine Mercy”, a game-changer for the spiritual life. (E.10.01)

Posted Sunday May 08, 2016 by Mary's Touch

This week we have a very special guest and a new addition to the Mary’s Touch Radio Program:
  • Vinny Flynn – is a popular speaker at Catholic conferences around the world, and is the best-selling author of 7 Secrets of the Eucharist, 21 Ways to Worship, 7 Secrets of Confession, and Mercy’s Gaze. Vinny has helped train many of the people writing and speaking about Divine Mercy today. He also has been singing the original “Chaplet of Divine Mercy” on EWTN with some of his children for over 20 years.
  • Vinny talks to us about his latest book, “7 Secrets of Divine Mercy”. A game-changer for the spiritual life, this much-anticipated book is a concentrated synthesis of Vinny’s vast knowledge of the Divine Mercy Message. Coinciding with the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.
  • Through his “secrets” of Divine Mercy, Vinny shows how Divine Mercy is not just another worthy “private devotion”; it is the key devotion, the umbrella devotion over everything else. Every other devotion in the Church, every ritual, every activity, every teaching is under that umbrella of Divine Mercy. It’s all there to help us understand and enter into Divine Mercy. He shows us how everything in our lives can become more meaningful, more powerful, more life-changing once we really embrace the gift of Divine Mercy – the overflow of love from the Holy Trinity.
  • Texas State Secretary of the Knights of Columbus Douglas Oldmixon – “Faith & Freedom Minute”.  This minute is an important reminder and a call to action for us all.
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